Air Dryer


Our CO-EX Exchanger is a Coaxial Exchanger. It performs as a pre-cooler and Evaporator. Our design maximizes exchanger efficiency by using Copper tubes in a coiled TUBE-IN-TUBE arrangement. Tube sizes are carefully chosen so that fluid velocities are maintained through the tubes. This promotes turbulence break up boundary and maximizes the heat transfer rate with minimum pressure drop.

To further increase heat transfer efficiency, a counter flow pattern is used for maximum temperature difference. In addition, exchangers are fully encapsulated by PUF insulation to prevent the loss of any cooling effect.

Special Feature of CO-EX

  • Full copper exchanger
  • Non-fouling exchanger
  • Co-Axial arrangement tends to minimize space requirement
  • Corrosion free exchanger
  • No leakage
  • Low pressure drop
  • High efficiency

Moisture Separator

Specifically developed by Radiant for each range of dryer sizes, separators in 2KD series Dryers. Designed to achieve the highest separation efficiency from low flows to well above the rated capacity.

Efficient separation ensures that liquid leaving the evaporated is not carried over to the outlet air, raising the outlet Dew Point. All separators are fully insulated to prevent re- heating of air before separation occurs.

Dependable Automatic Condensate Drain with the Following features.

  • Level actuated, Pilot controlled, compressed air powered
  • Positive discharge of even heavily contaminated condensate
  • Non-cyclic Refrigeration System
  • High accurate HOT GAS BY-PASS Value automatically maintains refrigeration temperature across a wide range of flows and ambient conditions without the need for load, ambient or seasonal adjustments
  • High pressure By-Pass refrigerant gas is introduced after the expansion value to ensure accurate temperature control
  • Direct expansion, non-cycling allows rapid response to changes in operating conditions

Ease of Installation

All dryers are shipped pre-piped and wired, ready to install and operate. Installation is made easy with conveniently located air and drain conditions.


Electrical construction is in accordance with applicable codes. Compressors and Fan Motors are protected with overloads.


Radiant Dryers are designed for low energy usage, helping to conserve the Earth's Resources and minimize pollution. Refrigeration with a low depletion factor.


Radiant Dryers are designed to require little maintenance. Should service be necessary, a team of trained technicians is available to answer your questions about installation,operation and maintenance or repair. A complete inventory of spare parts is maintained at the factory.

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