Film Type Sulphur Burner

Film Type Sulphur Burner

FSB-is a highly innovative system for economical and consistent generation of SO2. It encompasses a high level of control making it the most user friendly sulphur burner sugar industry has ever seen. The objective is to allow the exactly required quantity of molten sulphur entering the furnace which flows down through specially designed checker bricks work in the form of thin film and readily burns to produce SO2. Thus 100% burning of sulphur is achieved.

This equipment was launched in the year 1998-9, under the aegis of Sugar Tech Mission- a Govt of India initiative to promote new technologies in the sugar Industry. This equipment has efficient burning of Sulphur for the production of Sulphur dioxide required for sulphitation. Manufactured using advanced and highly functional components, these burners has eliminated the drawbacks of the existing pool type furnace like – unsteady generation, limited capacity, sublimation, limited capacity variation, automation compatibility and pollution.


  • Accurate Burning as per process requirement
  • Compatible to automation
  • Quick start- stop
  • Long functional life
  • Easy operations

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