Instrumentation Control Panels

Instrumentation Control Panels

Radiant Tech Resources offers ready to use control panel for electrical furnaces, ovens or any other electrical heating system, which can be used by the OEMs or the end users. The panels are fabricated as per the auto-cad drawing using the high grade steel and are duly powder coated. The size, volume and the air circulation arrangement of the panel is chosen as per the requirement. Depending upon the requirement and application of heating system and desired degree of temperature accuracy the temperature controllers, controlling method and the end controlling device is selected. The panels can be supplied for single phase load or three phase load.

Product Description

The main controllers can be simple On/Off controllers (model DTC-300, DTC-720) or more precise single or multi loop PID controllers (model PID-300, PID-966, PID-723 or PID-8000) or the single or multi zone Ramp/Soak profile programmers (model PRC-300, PRC-309, PRC-8000 etc…) The parallel safety controllers can be selected as model DTC-300 or linearized controller model DLC-301.

The final controlling device can be a suitably rated electromechanical contactor or solid state relays for single and three phase load. For larger capacity heating systems requiring precise control, thyristor power controllers (either phase angle controlled or burst firing control) are incorporated, having single phase, two phase or three phase star/delta load configuration. The suitably rated heavy duty terminals or bus bars are provided for heater and power line connections. The load connections are isolated using the suitable contactors in series to isolate the heating system during maintenance of the panel or the heater load.

The front of the panel incorporates all the required switch gear components and meters to make the user friendly and safe operation of the panel. The incoming power line MCBS or MCCBS of suitable ratings are used for switching the electrical supply to the panel. Suitably rated fuses are incorporated per phase or per heating arm. Digital or Analog current meters are installed on the panel to monitor the current flowing through the load.

Instrumentation Control Panels

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