PSA Nitrogen Plant


This system requires a feed of compressed air at around 7.0kg/cm2g pressure from an air compressor (after ref drying system). As the feed air is taken from screw compressor in most of the cases which are lubricated type and therefore an activated carbon vessel duly filled with activated carbon is provided to take care of residual oil contact in vapor form. This compressed air is taken to the composite bed twin tower PSA unit containing activated alumina as bed support as well as drying media and Carbon Molecular Sieves which adsorbs moisture, oxygen, CO2 and thus Nitrogen gas comes out as product gas. At a time one tower is under adsorption producing nitrogen while other is under regeneration at atmospheric pressure. For the automatic changeover of towers, a suitable sequence programmer is provided. The nitrogen gas comes out of PSA unit at a pressure of 5.0 to 6.0 kg/cm2g and contains 0.1% Oxygen. To avoid any surges because of changeover from one tower to another, a suitable nitrogen surge tank is provided. The system is complete with required instruments for smooth & safe operation.


  1. Compressed air at 7.0 Kg/cm2g & 30oC : 105 NM3/hr
  2. Power at 415 V AC : 300 Watts (for panel only)
  3. Compressor with ref dryer load : 12.0 kWH


  1. Length : 5.0 M
  2. Width : 3.0 M
  3. Height : 4.5 M
  4. The N2 storage tank (if required) shall be located outside or within the covered area. A clear space of around 1.0 M should be left all around the system for maintenance and free movement of operating personnel. Also the height of roof from ground level should be 5.0 M.

    INSTALLATION: Indoors or Rain Protected Area


  • All civil works
  • All electrical cabling and earthing connections
  • Unloading, safe storage & shifting of equipment to foundations
  • All piping outside the generator battery limits

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