Basic concept:


Sulphur Dioxide Gas is used for Sulphonation in Sugar plants. SO2 will be produced by Burning Sulphur. The process of SO2 generation is an exothermic reaction and generating heat energy during production and hence the temperature of produced SO2 is quite high. High temperature SO2 cannot directly used in the process of Sulphonation and hence produced SO2 cool down to required temperature by series of coolers. The available heat energy in SO2 gas ultimately goes waste. This waste heat of SO2 gas can be utilized after converting it into useful energy through a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system.

As steam is required for heating in Sulphur Melter station, hence it is proposed to convert the available waste energy into steam used at Sulphur Melter station.

By installation of waste heat recovery (WHR) system in Sulphur melter station steam supply from Boiler at station can be deleted and the station will operate by the steam generated from the Waste energy of SO2 gas.

Working Principle:

The WHR System is Based & design on the available heat energy in SO2 gas generated at Sulphur melter station. The heat energy is used as major heat source for WHR system. Modification will be done in First stage and second stage coolers to convert these cooler into computable Economizer and pre heater of WHR system. Electrical heaters are used as start- up source of energy for WHR system.

Basic Design Data:

The WHR system is designed to recover waste heat from the SO2 gas generating from Film type Furnace and use the heat for production of Low Pressure steam. The source of heat is hot SO2 Gas exiting from furnace. These hot gases exchange heat at three stages and produces steam from the WHR System. The stages of heat exchanges are as under:

  1. Heat recovery unit
  2. Economizer
  3. Evaporator

Brief process description of each step at WHR system is as under:

Heat Recovery unit:

The proposed heat recovery unit is used for heating of DM water from SO2 gases coming out of Economizer. The duel purpose of the heat recovery unit is heating of Ambient water upto a temp. of 85OC and cool down the SO2 gas passing through it.


Economizer is used for super heating of feed water to Evaporator. Here the hot water coming from heat recovery unit is feed by a feed pump and get super heated upto 145OC before entering to evaporator. Hot SO2 Gases coming from Evaporator is used as heating source at Economizer.


At evaporator Super heated hot water changes its phase from liquid to vapor. Here the entering Super heated water converts in water vapors or low pressure steam. Hot SO2 Gases exiting from So2 furnace is used as source of heat supply for evaporation.Each unit will be designed as per the description of process at the said stage as above. The design parameters for each unit were tabulated in next chapter of basic design data.

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